Sealcoating - Farmington, MN 55024


We offer residential, town home, and small commercial Sealcoating. We use only the best products fromPitch Black. We have a special formulation to give us an added advantage over the competition. Basically our sealant lasts longer and is blacker then the competition.

Look below for our 8 Step Process.


Cutting out, removing, replacing driveway aprons. Cut out patching or skim patching of driveways. Areas in need of patching are sunken, broken or potholed areas.

*Service not available in all areas, please call to inquire.


Hot crack sealant is used to fill cracks in asphalt. We also do joint filling with the same 400 degree sealant. Crack and joint filling protects against moisture intrusion-the leading cause of pavement distress. Using hot pour fillers greatly reduces the risk of water damage and helps prevent settling, resulting in potholes, low spots and web cracking.


Consists of cutting grass back off driveway in a professionally cut line. Keeping grass off driveway is important because grass can grow through the asphalt, resulting in broken areas of your driveway. Not to mention a nicely edged driveway looks great.